Friday, April 1, 2011

Why So Much? Why So Much?

    The thing about being a car salesman is, you have to get  to the negotiation. “The car  is already sold”,  my trainers would say, “They didn’t come here to buy a loaf of bread.”

    “ Why So Much?” The question is both accusation and  opening gambit. I can tell it’s going to be a long and hard negotiation. Maybe we’ll have fists banging on desks,  pleading  family members, theatrical facial expressions and body language. To the person who asks this question, negotiation is a religion, a way of life, and the success of the  negotiation can be measured  by how much physical and emotional energy is expended. The negotiation must take several hours, perhaps all day, and exhaustion is just as  important as the  financial outcome. Woe to the salesman who takes up the challenge of, “Why So Much?”, something that questions the very foundation our system.

    “Why So Much?” From the customer’s point of view, the question must be asked with a look that shows both insult and  amazement. It’s important that the face and body language express both emotions at the same time. Just seeing the price causes almost unbearable